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JMETER Script Execution with ANT-2

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JMeter Script Execution with ANT from ANT folder structure

In Previous Post, we cover how to execute JMeter scripts with the help of ANT from JMeter folder structure. Now we will discuss how to execute JMeter scripts with the help of ANT from ANT folder structure.
Software Requirement:-
  1. Java 1.6 and higher version
  2. Apache JMeter Latest version
  3. Apache Ant Latest version
Below are the steps needs to follow to Execute JMeter script and generate HTML Report:-
  1. Download JAVA and install on your machine
  2. Set the environment variable
    Example:- JAVA_HOME= C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_112
  3. Download Apache JMeter and UnZip
  4. Download Apache ANT and UnZip
  5. Open JMeter extra folder, path will be like
  6. Copy all the file present inside that folder
  7. Paste these files inside "\bin" folder of ANT, Path will be like
  8. Now search for build.xml file and open that in Notepad/Notepad++
  9. Set the JMeter home path in build.xml file, As shown in below snapshot
    JMeter Home path changes in the build.xml file
  10. Save the changes what you have done
  11. Through command prompt just open “\bin” folder of ANT
  12. Type ant and hit enter{before hitting ant command make sure Test.jmx file should present inside the "\bin" folder of Apache ANT, which we are going to execute now}
  13. You will see a “BUIL SUCCESSFUL” message
    Build Successful Message after JMeter script execution from ANT
  14. It will generate two files inside the "\bin" folder of Apache ANT:-
    • Test.jtl- File having result in XML format
    • Test.html- File having result in HTML format
HTML Result after JMeter script execution from ANT