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Ultimate Thread Group Configuration

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Ultimate Thread Group

To add thread group plugins in our JMeter you need to download JMeter plugin zip file. You can find out the latest plugin zip file over the link JMeterPlugins. Just extract the “JmeterPlugins.jar” file and paste it to below mentioned path
Path:-    apache-jmeter-2.13–>lib –> ext –>

By using Ultimate Thread group you can put distributive load on the server in different time slot with a click. For an example if you want to put 520 users of load with different count of user in different time slot. Suppose 100 users for first 80 second and then 120 users for next 60 second so on….
You can give separate ramp-up time, shutdown time, flight time for each schedule record

Ultimate Thread Group Configuration:-

  1. Add a Ultimate Thread Group
  2. Add no. of rows depend on how may Thread/Slots you wants
  3. Ex. Fig.1
     am adding 5 rows with different configuration

    Configuration description:-
  •        Start Thread Count- We need to put no. of user we want to execute with that Thread/Slots.All the thread will start one by one like we have 100 users in first thread for execution.
  •          Initial Delay-This is the time delay for first user to hit the server after execution started.
  •          Start-up time- We can say it used to find the ramp up time for the thread. Start up time will be divided among each user as (Threads Count / Start-up Time). So here it is (100/10). It means 10 sec for each user to hit the server.
  •          Hold Load For- Once all the user ramp up related to that particular thread,  load of 100 users will be there for 80sec.
  •          Shutdown Time- After 80 seconds users need to stop the hitting server. So here it is 5 seconds. It means within 5 seconds all the user will stop the hitting server.