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How Linux users DIFFERENT

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How Linux users DIFFERENT

Linux is one of the three major operating systems but it has a very tiny market share in personal computer, comparing to that of Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS. If you have always been using Windows or Mac, you may be curious about these users of Linux and want to know why they love using this unpopular operating system. Well, let me introduce the main different types of Linux users to you:

Hackers and Programmers
Linux is unarguably the heaven of programmers and hackers. In every Linux distribution, there are a lot of pre-installed tools and applications for programming like text editors and IDE software’s. Besides, to use Linux, the user will have to use the terminal and command line and popular programming languages like C, Python and Perl all the time. And if one chooses to use advanced distribution like Arch Linux or Gentoo, he will have to learn everything about how the computer works, how to configure all the hardware and software settings … and by doing so, he will accumulate a lot of experience and knowledge to help him in hacking and programming.

Practical people and business owners
Since almost everything in Linux is totally free and has nearly the same features as Windows or Mac, people who are financially practical love to use Linux. These people have recognized the economical value of Linux and like the fact that they do not have to pay any cent to upgrade the system or use the applications as they would do when using Windows or Mac. And because of this reason, there is no doubt that more and more business owners are using Linux. It’s also a good way to save money to invest into something else. Besides, there are a lot of accounting and finance applications in Linux as well.

Server administrators
Although Linux has the smallest market share in personal computer, it has always been the winner when it comes to servers. Linux is well known for being secure, fast and stable and financially efficient that is why it is always the first choice for many server administrators. In the most recent market report, despite the fact that the revenue of the sever market had dropped in the first quarter in 2012, the revenue of the Linux server market has always been increasing.