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JDBC Connection Through JMeter

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JMeter "JDBC Connection" for Oracle DataBase(PLSQL)

We can use JMeter which will reduce our manual effort to execute Any PLSQL query You can easily get JDBC connection configuration for MYSQL. This Post is for ORACLE DataBase (PLSQL)connection configuration through JMeter.
Here steps define to connect your ORACLE DataBase through JDBC connection
  1. Open a test plan and add a thread group
  2. Add a "JDBC Connection Configuration" from Configuration Element inside the thread group
  3. configure the "JDBC Connection Configuration" with respective details as mentioned below
    JDBC Connection Configuration
  4. #Variable Name: - Need to give a name for JDBC pool. we need to use same pool name while executing the query.
    #Pool Configuration: - If you have any no. of virtual user to hit the database give on the "Max number of connection" otherwise leave it as 0(ZERO). Also, put some time out time. #Connection Validation by Pool: - Here the main part is validation query
    • For MYSQL: - Select 1
    • For ORACLE(PLSQL): - Select 1 From Dual
    #DataBase Connection Configuration: -Here we need to provide Host Name, Port Number, DataBase Name or Service ID.
    You need to mention the JDBC driver class but before you need to download latest Oracle JDBC jar file and need to place that file inside "D:\apache-jmeter-3.0\lib" and mention the driver name over here Also, provide the right credentials to connect the DataBase
  5. Add JDBC request sampler from sampler
    JDBC Request to write SQL Query
  6. #Variable Name: - The variable name should be same as we given in Step 3. Over here the variable name is "connectionsetting"
  7. Write your SQL query and execute it for a successful result.