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How to add Comment Box like WordPress with Commentluv in Blogger Blogs 

Hello guys Today I am going to share a this with you,  add Comment Box like WordPress with Comment-luv in Blogger Blogs. As we no comment is most important parts of WordPress and Blogger Blogs and many people shift their blogs from Blogger Blog to WordPress Because of Many features like latest and good plugins and the main reason is Comment Box as Blogger Blog have simple Comment Box because of which Many people do no love to comment on their post as many website owners come or visit to blog to Blogger Blog or WordPress mostly for comment to get back links for there sites in which the mostly preferred WordPress as in WordPress there is no need to write sites link in comment box as there are separate box for website link because of which WordPress is becoming more and more popular for Blogs. As comment box also put effects on visitors with a good comment box a site gets more visitors and a good comment box makes a site more professional in which WordPress have automatic good comment box. Now Question is How To Make Blogger Comment Box Like WordPress Comment Box With  Commentluv? So i am going to share a trick from which you can  add Comment Box like WordPress with Comment-luv in Blogger Blogs. So lets Get Start
Step 1
First of all Visit to

is the site which will provide you the comment box like WordPress for you Blogger Blogs with Comment-luv

Step 2
OK so now we have visit to the main site now just click on Signup

 After Filling the forum click on I want to install IntenseDebate on my blog or website then just click on Sign up

Step 3

After Sign up go and check you email from which you have register you account and conform your account. After conforming you account Login to you account then you can see the screen shown up there will Three Steps which you have to complete in First Step Fill Your Site URL in which you have to setup the comment box then click Next Step

Now in step 2 you have to Choose Platform "Choose Blogger" as you have to setup comment box in you Blogger Blog after clicking on Blogger it will take you to Next Steap

Now in Step 3 there will 2 option
Display IntenseDebate Comments on:
  All new posts (Recommended)
Only on posts without comments

  On all blog posts
This will override the default comment system on your blog, and replace your previous comments.

In this two option Choose On all blog posts This will override the default comment system on your blog, and replace your previous comments also. And there are all the steps that you have to follow. I will also tell you that all steps
  1. Go to you Blogger Blog and Login to you account Account
  2. After that if you have create more than 1 Blogger Blog Account choose that account that which URL you have enter in First step after login
  3. After that click the down arrow, then click on Template.
  4. Now Click Backup/Restore in the top-right of the screen of you Blogger Blog Account.
  5. After clicking on  Backup/Restore there will option of Download full template and Download you full Template
After Downloading you Template just upload your Template in 3rd Step of IntenseDebate Account.

  1. Again, locate the blog where you wish to install IntenseDebate and click the down arrow to the right of the blog name. Click "Template" in the menu that appears.
  2. Click "Edit HTML" underneath the preview image towards the top-left of the page. Click "Proceed" in the window that appears so that you can edit your HTML directly.  
  3. Click once in the textfield in IntenseDebate to select the converted HTML, then right-click your mouse and select 'Copy' to copy it all to your clipboard.
  4. Go back to Account and select all of the text in the Edit Template text box. You can press CTRL+A (Command+A on a Mac) to select all text. Now paste the text you just copied! Right-click in the field and select 'Paste'.
  5. Click "Save Template" and you're all done! :)

Step 4
Now in step 4 i will show you that how to add CommentLuv in comment box

OK now you are in your account now there is option Site just take the you Mouse Cursor on that option and there will be 1 option of you Site URL just click on that option

After Clicking on Site URL just click on Plugins in Plugins there will be lots of option of plugins there will be CommentLuv Plugin just click on Activate and that plugin will get Activate i have already activate that plugin so it is showing  Deactivate option and if you Don't want that plugin than just click on Deactivate and that plugin will get Removed and you're all done! :)

And your Comment Box will be look like this
If there will be any problem with this Tutorial then please comment below.




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