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JMeter and ANT Integration ERROR

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Solution for ERRORS encountered while executing JMeter scripts from ANT

In previous posts, I mentioned that how to integrate JMeter scripts with ANT. So that we will get a clear HTML report after execution. In this post, I am describing the solutions for the error which I faced while following the process of integration.

  1. Failed to process ..\bin\Test.jtl: -

    This error will come if there Test.jtl file having no content. To come out from this error just follow the below process and remember no need to create a empty Test.jtl file.
    when we execute the "ant" command from command prompt by default it will create a jtl file same name as jmx file.
  2. Test.jtl does not exist: -

    This error will come when we hit "ant" command from the command prompt to execute the JMeter script.
    Test.jtl does not exist

    The solution to overcome this error is, Need to uncomment some lines from the build.xml file. As shown in below snapshot

    solution for Test.jtl does not exist by editing the build.xml file