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UNIX : Programming tools and shell commands

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acc [files] : Sun’s ANSI C compiler
bash : Born again shell. A sh clone, but better
bison : a GNU implementation of yacc
byacc : Berkeley yacc
cc : C compiler
CC : Sun’s C++ compiler
cpp : C language preprocessor
csh : C-shell
dbx : a debugger program
dbxtool : X window interface to dbx
f77 : FORTRAN compiler
flex : GNU implementation of lex
g77 : GNU Fortran compiler
g++ : GNU C++ compiler
gawk : GNU awk
gcc : GNU C compiler
gcl : GNU Common Lisp
gdb : GNU debugger
gofer : a Haskell implementation
grep pattern file(s) : search for a string, pattern, or regular expression in file(s)
imake : C preprocessor interface to the make command. Usually it uses file Imakefile.
kcl : Kyoto Common Lisp
ksh : Korn shell
lex : lexical analyzer generator
lint : verify a C program
m4 : macro language processor
make : maintain, update, compile, and regenerate related files by a set of rules defined in file Makefile.
nm : print name list of object file
pc : pascal compiler
perl : Practical Extraction and Reporting Language, a powerful programming and scripting language
prolog : a Prolog system
rcs : resource / version control
sccs : source code control system
sed : stream editor
sh : Bourne shell
sml : New Jersey Standard ML
tclsh : Tcl shell, a Tcl interpreter
tcsh : tcshell, a csh compatible shell but better
tgrind : reformat source code to make it pretty for printout
wish : a simple windowing shell, a tk/tcl implementation
xcl : ANSI C compiler for AIX
yacc : parsing program generator. Generate C code from a grammar
zsh : Z shell