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UNIX : Mail Programs

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  • biff : notify new mail has arrived
  • elm : read and/or compose e-mail.
  • fastmail : quick batch mail (part of Elm) from list senders of mails in your mailbox
  • frm [foldername] : similar to from, but has a better output. If foldername is present, it will list senders in folder foldername instead your incoming mailbox. This program is distributed as part of the elm package.
  • mail [userid] : read mail. If userid is given in the command line, it will be used in compose mode. After done, mail will be sent to userid
  • mailtool : OpenWindows mail program mush mail user shell. Similar to mail, but has a better user interface.
  • newmail : notify new mail has arrived (part of elm package)
  • pine : mail reader and composer.
  • xwafemail : X window interface of mail written in wafe+perl.