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UNIX : File archives and compression

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  • compress filename : make filename smaller (compression). filename will be replaced by filename.Z).
  • gunzip filename.gz : expand filename.gz into its original form (size) and remove the .gz extension. This is GNU unzip.
  • gzip filename : compress filename with GNU zip (gzip) and add .gz extension mt magnetic tape control program.
  • tar : combine files into one tar file, or extract files from a tar file. A tar file could be a device (magnetic tape as /dev/rst0) or a plain file. To extract filename.tar tar xvf filename.tar To combine all files under dirname into filename.tar
    tar cvf filename.tar dirname
  • uncompress filename.Z : expand filename.Z into its original size and remove the .Z extension
  • unarj filename.arj : exteract files from an ARJ archive
  • unzip : extract files from The reverse of zip command.
  • zip zipname files : create an archive file (and compress it) called which contains files.