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Ten Online Typing Speed Improving Tools

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Ten Online Typing Speed Improving Tools

With computers, smart phones, and other modern electronic devices prevalent today, typing is an essential skill, and the faster you can type, the more efficient you will be. Saving your own personal time, your company’s time, improving efficiency, and increasing profit are all excellent reasons to excel at typing, among other reasons. If you wish to sharpen your typing skills and increase your typing speed, there are many free online tools to help you do this. Maybe you’re a beginning typist who would like to break out of two-finger typing by learning proper hand placement. Or perhaps you have intermediate typing skills but would like to be able to type more quickly. Memorizing keys and learning proper positioning of hands and body posture are skills people can learn using various online games and exercises. Typing speed is measured in “characters per minute”, or cpm, and sometimes in “words per minute”, or wpm. Many online programs are designed to not only measure your cpm, but to increase it. We will discuss ten various online tools available to help improve your typing speed.

1.  offers free downloads ranging from simple typing exercises for beginners to more advanced exercises. It also offers a typing test that will measure your characters per minute.

2. At, you can choose from three basic keyboarding lessons that get tougher as you go along. The program keeps track of your mistakes and your words per minute and even creates a graph of your daily performance and progress. Here you can edit and personalize your lessons, and there is no downloading as it is web-based software that runs in your browser.

3.  – This site features a basic English typing test in which you will receive a grade and also be compared to other typists. Here you will also find games, such as one similar to Pac Man, where you control the game by typing certain keys.

4.  Typeracer  is known the global typing competition
and is a very fun site to explore. People from all across the world compete to see who is the fastest. The site also provides keyboarding practice and timed tests.

5.  Typingweb  is one of the most impressive and comprehensive typing websites. This site is great for beginning typists and is very thorough in its lessons. Beginner lessons include ones called Top Row Keys, Bottom Row Keys, Venturing Out, Easy Top Row Words, and Easy Bottom Row Words. Intermediate lessons will tackle basic punctuation, speed drills, common English words, numbers, and capital letters. At the advanced level, you can sharpen your accuracy and speed.

6.  – This site offers structured typing tests and lessons designed for people wishing to improve upon their typing speed.

7.  – Here you will find a free download that is designed to teach you touch-typing without looking at the keyboard. This program is available in many different languages and features a 3D typing game. You will be shown your typing statistics, view a lesson progress indicator, and edit lessons and game settings.

8.  – This website includes three types of games in which you can practice letters separately, practice words separately, or practice sentences and paragraphs.

9. At, you can enter and practice your own text as well as participate in many games and lessons designed to increase your typing speed.

10.  features a typing for Tots
program to help kids in kindergarten through second grade learn to type. In addition to beginning training and practice, the site is full of intermediate and advanced instruction and practice drills as well.