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Regression and Re-testing

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Difference between Regression and Re-testing

AS now onwards we always link with testing topic. So i am also connecting you to the same topic.
Lets start I am sure that every tester pass through this condition that we confuse between Re-testing and Regression testing.
Re-Testing is mainly done after fixing a ensure that the is bug fixed/removed.
or Re-Testing is done to check same test case for multiple no. of data.

Same time Regression testing is start after having a change in the functionality of the application for which we have a test case or scripts.To check that is there any effect on our scripts response time and all after deployment of changes in code and functionality.

Regression Testing
Re-testing is done to check that the test case which is failing in last execution passed now after fixing the errors.
Regression testing is somehow similar to Re-Testing. But the difference is that, it is done to check that, Is there any effect after changing some functionality/code in the application.
Re-testing is carried out based on the defect fixed.
Regression testing is planned after the change in back end code.
In Re-testing, We mainly re test the test cases which are failing in the last execution.
In Regression testing,We include the test cases which are passing in the last execution.
We cannot automate the test cases for Re-testing.
Automation is used for regression testing.
Defect verification is comes under         Re-testing.
Defect verification is not comes under Regression testing.
Priority of Re-testing over Regression testing is higher, so it is carried out before regression testing.
Based on the availability of resources the Regression testing can be carried out parallel with Re-testing.

 Now we are taking example of both the testing:-
  • we have a image uploading field which supports only certain image formats say JPEG, PNG etc. Suppose one of the image formats failed (say JPEG) and the developer fixed it. Testing the functionality, after fixing this bug is re-testing.
2.Regression Testing:-
  •  Testing and ensuring whether above new change has not altered the working of other fields on that page is regression testing.